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About Us

It all began in Summer 2008.  I wanted to make extra money and decided to go from concept to production.   I started with two flavors in red solo cups and the next day I sold OUT!  Some may call it a “Freeze cup”, “Lilly Dilly”, “Flips”, “Cold cup” and many more names.

In Jacksonville, FL we call it a “Honey Dripper.” Based on the phenomenal response to the “The Cold Treat” you cannot resist, it was only appropriate to name the business the “Honey Dripper House!”  I am a native of Jacksonville (Eastside), affectionately referred to as “OutEast, FL.”

This is when the “grind” began! I have grown to “12” flavors as well as ice cream, snacks, including a dollar menu!
This has been a long but fruitful journey!
I am so grateful for my family & friends who have helped and supported me along this journey!

This is the “10th” Year Anniversary of owning the Honey Dripper Truck which was purchased in March of 2011!

A family business sold ice cream and once their son left for college they no longer wanted to operate the truck.
What a “Blessing in disguise!”
I’m the Grateful One!
Miracles & Blessings!


Mrs. Bea "Mama"

Mrs. Bea


Vivian Horne "Big Mama"

Vivian Horne

"Big Mama"

Loretta Perry "Auntie"

Loretta Perry